‘Preacher’ Season 4, Episode 2 “Last Supper” Recap


It’s “The Last Supper” on this week’s episode of Preacher. Cassidy tries to make an escape of his own.

“Last Supper” opens with God admiring his newest creation…dinosaurs. He loves them until one eats its on poop and burps in his face. Then we see God destroying the dinosaurs. Yup, God destroys the dinosaurs, and it’s epic.

After that “what am I watching” intro, we’re back with Jesse. He’s been picked up by a woman, and she’s a bit of a talker and an ex-porn star. It’s a whole thing. When they see a kid crying on the side of the road, Jesse orders her to stop the truck (with Genesis) when she won’t do it otherwise. She leaves him after he gets out.

Jesse goes to the child who is crying and sees that the child’s dog is dead. When Jesse is distracted by a plane, the kid pulls a gun. The dog jumps up and starts barking. Jesse uses Genesis to make him drop the gun, and it goes off, killing the dog. I mean, if this isn’t a sign that you need to go home and try again later, I don’t know what is.

Jesse sticks with it, though. In the end, he gives the kid his wallet and asks, “What now?” The kid looks down at his boots, and even though he says no, the next time we see him, he’s walking barefoot down the road.

Jesse catches a ride on a camel with a guy, but before they get far, they meet another man with a camel on the road. They start yelling and arguing. Jesse uses Genesis to make them stop and be friends. The only issue is one of them doesn’t speak English, so he didn’t understand. He shoots the other guy who understood Jesse which causes all hell to break loose and kills both camels.

At the airport, Jesse tries to light a cigarette but is stopped by a pilot. He uses Genesis to make smoking legal in airports again then he asks a pilot if he’s seen this rock formation from his dream, and the pilot tells him that it’s in Australia. Before he can make his next move, he realizes he’s lost his father’s lighter in the women’s truck from earlier.

Jesse gets the pilot to drive him to the woman’s truck so he can get his lighter. He almost gets away, but the pilot points at the house, and we see a child in a window. The pilot tells Jesse that he has to go help the kid. There must be a preacher code or something, but Jesse doesn’t move, so the pilot gets out of the car and then Jesse follows.

Jesus DeSade is the name on the plaque.

The next thing we see is Jesse on a plane. Cass is beside him, saying he can’t believe Jesse left him and Tulip. We have no idea how Jesse got out of the home with the mysterious child from the window or who Jesus DeSade is yet, but I don’t think whatever happened there was that simple.

At Masada, Featherstone tells Starr that they know where Jesse is. That’s not on Starr’s radar, though. He wants Featherstone to get Frankie. He has a little side mission for him.

Meanwhile, Frankie’s talking to Cassidy, and they’re reminiscing about the old days of New York before class starts. After Cass tells him that he’s going to kill him, Frankie asks why he stayed when he could have left.

Cassidy tells him he couldn’t miss the opportunity…

He gets thrown back into his cell after torture class, and the angel tries to talk to him. Cass is biting his own foot off, and when the guards come in, he kills and eats both of them, but shuffling out of the cell.

Frankie’s looking for Cassidy, but Cass manages to evade capture and get into another room. He takes the uniform from a guy, and then he realizes he’s in a drug room. He almost gives in and gets some pain meds, but then he leaves. In an elevator, he fake smiles at people before he makes his way to the doors.

The doors open, and instead of leaving, he goes back inside. The next time we see Cass, he’s super high and in the same elevator as Frankie. He’s recaptured quickly. The torture continues, and more foreskin is taken from him. Frankie tells him that he’s seen guys like him before. Ones that stay because they think they deserve what they’re getting.

There’s a meet and greet happening at Masada, and Starr is asked about Humperdoo. We cut to a side-shot of the Grail hunting down all the Humperdoos since Jesse let them all loose.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand asks how they’re supposed to follow if they haven’t seen anything. They force him into a box and give him a grenade to hold. Before it explodes, he yells for someone to delete his search history.

After this display, no one else is asking any questions about the Holy Child at all. They leave, and Starr tells Featherstone to blame the PM’s death on the Australians.

The same doctor that took Cassidy’s foreskins from Frankie is working on Starr’s ear. It’s not Starr’s best idea, but he’s using the foreskin to make himself a new ear. On a monitor, he’s watching Jesse enters the house we just saw him at.

In an attempt to get inside Masada, Tulip uses a rocket launcher, but it doesn’t work. She drives away, but Featherstone is watching.

At the bar, more Grail members are remembering their fallen. When Featherstone shows up, she has a picture of Tulip, but the bar owner, Kamal, tells her that he doesn’t know her. She tells him that if he doesn’t know where she’s at, he better tell her or she’ll kill him. She shoots and kills a Grail member and yells for the others to stop crying and find Tulip.

In the garage, Tulip talks with Kamal about making another attempt at Masada. He wants her to wait for her husband.

Later, Tulip and Kamal are outside Masada, and he tells her that he’s worried for her, and it seems like Tulip has a very insane plan in place to get inside. When they’re back at the bar, he tries to talk Tulip out of going back because vampires are strong and maybe Cass is already out. He tells her that this is a bad job.

When Tulip isn’t around, Kamal calls The Grail and tells them that Tulip is there, and that she’s crazy over the loss of her husband. They try and ambush her, but she seemingly races away, and they’re in a car chase. It ends with Tulip’s care spinning out and causing too much dust to see so that everyone stops and “Tulip” runs them all off the cliffs except for Featherstone and another Grail member.

They race at each other, but Tulip turns and goes up a hill. Featherstone’s car won’t make it and she slides back down the hill.

The Grail response team gets to the cars and retrieves the bodies of the members, and that’s when we finally see that it wasn’t Tulip driving the car. She’s one of the bodies being brought in with her Grail uniform on.

The final scene of “Last Supper” is surreal. The camera pans over all the settings we’ve previously seen on the show and the ones we’re at now, including the plane Jesse is on.

God is watching over all of it, eyeing the plane.

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