Zack Snyder Has Revealed His Vision For Young Darkseid


It’s such a shame that the DCEU keeps making the news but in a “what could have been” kind of way looking back, instead of looking forward to an exciting upcoming film. The main person responsible for us continuously writing these pieces is the director for 2017’s Justice League, Zack Snyder, who has released many images and answered fan questions in a timely manner via his VERO account where he has given us a better look at what is now known as the Snyder Cut.

His latest reveal is a huge one as once again via his VERO account he has given us another image from his cut of the film, something of a Father’s Day treat. In this one, which you can see below, we find Uxas, a young Darkseid, using the infamous anti-life equation in the scene where he first attempted to invade Earth.


Darkseid is one of the most powerful villains not only in the DC Universe but in comic book period. We well know at this point that the leader of Apokolips was set to play a major role in Snyder’s vision for the DCEU, something we saw start playing out in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in Batman’s nightmare scene. 2017’s Justice League was supposed to tease the arrival of Darkseid, but as we know that did not happen once Joss Whedon took over and they wanted to lighten the tone of the film.

But as we can see by the image above, he was supposed to be in the film. We were supposed to see the young Darkseid devastating his adversaries with his armies and anti-life equation. Rumor has it that there was even a whole fight scene with Darkseid. But as we know, instead we got Darkseid’s general Steppenwolf, taking on some of the Earth’s first heroes.