X-Men Editor Developed A Solo Beast Movie & You Can Read The Script


Another scrapped X-Men project has found the light of day. The Hollywood Reporter has acquired the script to a solo Beast movie titled Fear The Beast, written by longtime X-Men editor and composer John Ottoman and aspiring screenwriter Bryan Burton.

Set following the events of X-Men: Apocalypse, the film would’ve seen Nicholas Hoult’s Hank McCoy struggling with keeping his animalistic instincts at bay following an incident where he loses control in the Danger Room. Early in the first act, we learn that Hank has been assisting a scientist who has a similar mutation to his. When Hank learns that the man has lost control of his abilities and is terrorizing an Inuit village, he enlists Professor Xavier to help him track him down. Along the way, Beast meets up with Wolverine, who Xavier located using Cerebro. The film ends with a tag revealing Mr. Sinister was watching the events unfold.

Ottoman and Burton went to Fox with the script but were told to speak to Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg as he had the final say on the use of core X-Men characters in films. Kinberg declined to read the script as he claimed it might influence his thoughts on reintroducing Wolverine into the universe, something he never got the chance to do.

Read the script here.