Taika Waititi To “Crack” ‘Flash Gordon’ As Fox/Disney Animated Film


According to Deadline Beloved New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi (“Hunt for the Wilderpeople,” “Thor: Ragnarok”) has reportedly signed on to ‘crack’ an animated “Flash Gordon” movie at Disney-owned 20th Century Fox.

Waititi’s aim is to figure out how to bring the pulpy 1930s sci-fi adventurer to life on the big screen with a modern sensibility. There’s rumors he will potentially write and direct, but that’s not confirmed or set at this point and probably won’t be for a while.

Gordon debuted in a 1934 comic strip, an athlete from Earth who gets unwittingly drawn into an interstellar conflict with the evil leadership of the planet Mongo, led by the ruler Ming the Merciless.

The property was adapted for the screen in the 1930s as serial adventures, though many people alive today mostly remember it for the iconic and campy as anything 1980s cult classic film starring Max von Sydow and Sam Jones and with a soundtrack by Queen. A short-lived cheap Canadian TV series remake of the property was also made in the early 2000s.

Waititi is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming WW2 satire “Jojo Rabbit,” is prepping to direct the live-action “Akira” remake, and recently walked away from the stop-motion film “Bubbles” based on the life of Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee.

One possibility is Waititi will come up with the story and have a potential writing/producing credit of some kind but will hand the directorial reins over to someone else (ie. probably what Quentin Tarantino is planning to do with the “Star Trek” film franchise). His hiring makes sense considering how much of ‘Ragnarok’ felt very Flash-inspired.

“Overlord” filmmaker Julius Avery was previously attached to a live-action adaptation that was in development.