Paramount Plans A “Face/Off” Remake

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Paramount Pictures is reportedly set to remake John Woo’s 1997 action feature “Face/Off” which starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.

Oren Uziel has been set to write the script, Neal Moritz will produce and David Permut will be executive producer on the new take which will feature a whole new cast.

Travolta starred as FBI agent Sean Archer, a man obsessed with catching a homicidal sociopath named Castor Troy (Cage) who killed his son. Archer undergoes facial transplant surgery and takes the face of his comatose nemesis so he can be sent into a prison to discover a bomb’s whereabouts and stop an attack.

The plan goes awry when Troy wakes up and takes the face of the FBI agent. Soon, Castor visits the agent and taunts him – the good guy being stuck with the face he hates most. This leads to numerous wild action sequences and one of Woo’s biggest successes with a $245 million global gross.