Kevin Smith Knows Who Villain Is In New Suicide Squad, Describes As "Phenomenal"


We may not know much about James Gunn’s upcoming film The Suicide Squad, but Kevin Smith apparently does and has nothing but positive things to say about the film’s antagonist.

During his latest installment of his Fatman Beyond podcast, Kevin Smith talked a bit about the upcoming film. He asks the audience if they know who the villain is for the upcoming film before stating that he did. He then says that he can’t talk about it and that he may have heard about it privately:

Does anybody know who the villain is for [The Suicide Squad]? Alright, I do, and I just can’t say it then. Because I thought everybody knew and I was about to say… I might have heard that privately.

Kevin Smith then goes on to say that the villain for the upcoming film is “phenomenal” and is in the right hands with James Gunn:

I’m not gonna spill it, but if it is what I heard, it is f—king phenomenal. And boy is it in the right hands with James Gunn.

The new Suicide Squad team that we meet in the sequel will be largely made up of new characters. Only Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang are expected to return. Other characters, not part of the actual team, will also be back. Most of the reported characters have been filled in with which character they're playing, though few if any have been confirmed. I haven't heard much of anything about who the new team will go up against, or who might be playing that role.

Smith remembers where he got his info and it does seem on the level, since it came directly from another cast member. Smith goes on...

We all know Dave Dastmalchian, who's a friend of the show, and he's in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot as well. Dave, we know he's been cast in The Suicide Squad movie. Did they announce who he's playing? They did, ok, so he's playing Polka Dot Man. So, I believe Dave told me who the villain was, with like, 'you can't fucking say anything.' I was like. 'I won't.' He was like 'don't accidentally say it at Fatman Beyond.' I was like, [looking nervous] 'I won't.' That's where I got it. He's legit.