Godzilla vs. Kong Writer Compares Fight to Rocky vs. Ivan Drago


Michael Dougherty is a director and co-author of the upcoming Godzilla: King of Monsters, but he did not stop there. The director who brought us Trick and Krampus also co-author of the forthcoming sequel Godzilla versus Kong, so he knows exactly how – and why – this long-awaited, epic rematch will go down.

He knows that the coincidence does not seem quite fair. Godzilla has an atomic super breath, and King Kong is just a giant monkey. Bloody-Nauseous asked him how he planned to make King Kong a serious contender for the title "The King of the Monsters" and already knew the answer.

"I think part of the fun to see how the battle is down is that we are witnessing a potential battle with outsiders," says Deherty.

"We are looking at the situation with almost David vs. Goliath. Because everyone, as soon as you say Godzilla, will fight with Kong, your first reaction is Kong, no chance, Godzilla has received a radiant breath, and so on. etc.

"But if you really take the time to look at Kong as a hero, it's like, okay, Skull island he was a teenager, so he still grows. So, who knows how big it was since the 70's when they met him for the first time?

"Kong is extremely intelligent," the director added. – As a primate, he is a user. So there is speed, there is agility, there may be some good size.

"And I like the good fight with surprise," said Deherty, comparing this battle with another emblematic heavyweight battle. "You know, it's like looking at Rocky to face Ivan Drago. It seems that this is unfair, but it is clear that this means that the outsider can have several surprises.

Perhaps there is a chance for Kong, but that still does not explain why they fight first. If Godzilla is a defender of the Earth and Kong is the main character of his own film franchise, why fight? Are these two titans just shattering because it's cool?

"I think there's something first in human beings who wants to see such a fight," said Deherty. – I think he's going back to all my myths and legends, ancient Greek myths about the gods who fight each other. This is only a part of what we are as a species. Half the reason I think people are watching Planet Earth nature-specific is to watch the animals facing each other see crocodiles that stand against buffaloes. "

"So there is such a thing, but it seems like the stars are writing that it's happening," said Deherty. "It's no accident that Kong is a direct inspiration for Godzilla that the Japanese directors have seen King Kong and were extremely inspired by it and The beast of 20,000 feet and he came Godzilla as an answer to that. So it looks just like a destiny. "

"Historically," said Doherty. "The hope is that their motivation to fight each other is healthy, not fictional. But when you have two extremely hyper-aggressive masculine terrestrial animals that believe they are the right rulers of a whole species, they are likely to do more than afternoon tea. "

Godzilla: King of Monsters invaded the theaters on May 31, 2019.