‘The New Mutants’ Aims to Complete Reshoots This Year for a 2020 Release


The saga of Josh Boone’s much delayed “X-Men” horror spin-off film “The New Mutants” continues.

Speaking with Digital Spy this week, producer Simon Kinberg has confirmed that the previously rumored reshoots that Disney has been intending to do but still haven’t gotten around to – well they’re back on.

Fox originally wanted a softer cut of the film and Boone ultimately agreed and delivered, but now the aim is to get scary elements back into the movie following raves for the first trailer back in October 2017.

Said trailer came ahead of a planned mid-2018 release, but the movie was ultimately delayed by more than a year to August 2019. At the time it was said the project would undergo a massive retooling with extensive reshoots that originally were planned to kick off in September 2018.

Those reshoots still haven’t happened yet, and there’s since been rumors of Disney effectively dumping the film they have either straight to Hulu or Disney+ in the Fall. Kinberg downplays that, saying:

“What’s happening is we’re gonna do reshoots this year on that film and it has a new release date from Disney. That’s really it. Part of it was figuring out what the re-shoots were gonna be, the pick-ups, and the other part of it was getting that cast back together.

For all of these movies, Marvel’s really brilliant at scheduling pick-ups into their budget and schedule so it’s all prepared, and we have never been that smart. For us, we’re always scrambling to get these actors back together so they’re all in the same place at the same time.”