Fear the Walking Dead recap 08/18/19 Season 5 Episode 10: 210 Words Per Minute


Dwight was briefly captured by a member of Logan’s group on tonight’s Fear the Walking Dead. He really set up the capture himself by telling Daniel he was going South on an open channel… On purpose! Logan’s man began to burn Sherry’s letters to Dwight in order to pry info out of him about an oil field.

A walker would distract Logan’s man and Dwight would gain the upper hand. Though Dwight had a chance to shoot his kidnapper, seeing Sherry’s letters on the floor made him stop. The conversation earlier with Morgan about past wrongs clearly made an impact.

The bulk of the mall section saw Morgan and Grace try to answer a call for help from someone already bitten. Morgan would steer a remote control car to distract the walkers which led to a big smile on his face. One of the few in the series as in Morgan’s words, ‘He’s a serious guy.’

Grace would pass out early on tonight’s Fear the Walking Dead presumably from her prior radioactive exposure. Grace and Morgan would get close throughout the episode. She even got Morgan to open up about his son and how he’d once gotten him a remote control car.

Morgan said seeing his son playing with the car had him smiling from ear to ear. Later on, Grace convinced Morgan to go on the mall carousel with her. It appeared a relationship was in the works. Yet, after Morgan looked at the carousel at the end of the episode and saw himself walking with his son, he had a change of heart. Morgan couldn’t stop smiling at the carousel and went to tell Grace he would no longer travel with her. Grace cried when he turned around. Morgan also cried in his car as he drove away.