Another Life season 1, episode 9 recap: Heart and Soul


With William gone the crew of the Salvare is at Sasha’s mercy. Will they survive and complete their mission in this episode of Another Life.

The Salvare is in critical danger. Sasha has deactivated William, incapacitated Javier and is about to suck Beauchamp’s brains out when Cas attacks him in the penultimate episode of Another Life season one. Cas and Niko are able to rescue Beauchamp, but it’s clear now that Sasha has been possessed – this is his way of exacting revenge on the crew, especially Niko, for mistreating him throughout their journey.

Surviving Sasha

Sasha is using his control over the ship systems to split the crew up and disable communications so that he can blow up the Salvare by overheating the particle accelerator. But Niko’s smarter than he is and keeps trying to find ways to make sure her crew is alive.

Niko orders Bernie to reactivate the accelerator’s cooling systems – but every time he does this, Sasha switches them back off, so Bernie finally has to sever the command systems by electrocuting himself. Thankfully, he’s not dead and Zayn is able to revive him.

Locked in the bridge, Sasha doesn’t have much control anymore, so he resorts to playing mind games with Niko. Niko wakes up Javier’s replacement but enters a battle of wits with Sasha over whether or not she would use the Salvare to attack the aliens.

The real Sasha briefly tries to re-emerge, but the aliens don’t seem that interested in negotiating. Sasha orders the computer to cut the oxygen in the soma tube that Niko opened. Javier’s replacement is killed.

The Plan

Seems like Sasha’s endgame is to send the Salvare into a black hole – that’s one way to get rid of the threat to the aliens. Niko decides the best way forward is to abandon ship. They’re going to take a shuttle to Pi Canis Majoris, a task made easier because Sasha’s trajectory has brought them closer to their original intended destination.

Cas gets the crew and shuttle ready, but Niko isn’t coming. She wants to fix William because she still feels guilty for causing his meltdown. Niko also wants to save the rest of the sleeping crew. The best way for Niko to communicate with William is through Soma sleep. Niko apologies to William and explains that his emotions make him more human.

She seems to be getting through to him when Sasha breaks into the Soma room and tries to attack her. Niko valiantly fights back, but Sasha’s got her pinned down. She keeps calling for William and just when all hope seems lost, William reappears and knocks Sasha unconscious.

William and Niko are able to use the alien inside Sasha as a power source to get out of the black hole eddies and rendezvous with Cas’ shuttle. This mission is back on track. Niko flies the ship to Pi Canis Majoris, because it’s time to say hello.

On Earth, Harper has an alien parasite lodged in her brain as well, and she insists on talking only to Erik. She explains that the Artifact is from the Achaia and they sent the shockwave as self-defense, but they had no intention of hurting Jana, especially since she has a genetic anomaly that makes her susceptible to the radiation. Harper says the aliens have a way of curing Jana, and when Erik wants to know about it, Dubois (reinstated after Egan Harrison’s death during the shockwave) has him removed. Desperate to save his daughter, Erik sneaks a communicator to Harper – she tells him to get her out of there and the Achaia will save Jana.

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