Another Life season 1, episode 7 recap: Living the Dream


In episode 7 Sasha seems upset with William, on Earth Erik makes headway with the Artifact.

With the help of an amateur scientist, Erik and his team were able to make a breakthrough in decoding the cosmic puzzle that is the Artifact. In episode seven of Another Life, Erik is pressured into putting theory into practice by the Secretary of Defense – Egan Harrison (Martin Donovan), who also happens to be the father of Sasha, currently onboard the Salvare and going through a personal transformation of his own.

Not to be daunted by bureaucracy, Erik starts communicating with the Artifact using lights and a door opens. Looks like the Artifact is ready to talk.

The Artifact and Erik

Erik sends in a drone to investigate, while an army of military soldiers stand around the Artifact, guns at the ready if something were to emerge. The drone struggles to send any signals to the team, but something – or rather, someone – finally comes into view. It’s Sasha! But that’s not really him, is it?

Egan is desperate to find out, especially since Harper Glass has everyone on Earth believing that the Salvare was destroyed. He wants to send the soldiers in, but Erik cautions against it for fear of triggering a war. Instead, Erik suggests one of his team goes in. When his initial plan falls through, Erik decides he needs to investigate the Artifact himself.

As soon as Erik enters the Artifact, the door closes and he loses comms. The Sasha apparition appears and Erik follows him into a hallucination of his family. He attempts to solve an equation but it disappears when Jana appears before him. Erik realizes that Jana’s more important than cracking the equation and he wanders back out of the Artifact.

Annoyed that Erik has returned with more riddles and less answers, Egan goes in armed to the teeth; Harper tags along to cover the story.

Sasha’s on the Move

Back on the Salvare, Niko is prepping for their imminent arrival on Canis Majoris. She’s awoken a new crew member precisely for the task, after her previous negotiator (Cas) declined the job. Beauchamp McCarry (Greg Hovanessian) is peppy and enthusiastic, but to me, it seems like he’s basically doing the same job that Sasha’s on the ship for.

Beauchamp is worried that the Salvare is headed straight into the unknown. For all they know, the aliens are at war – what would Niko’s call be if that were the case? Sasha is very curious to know, but Niko does not oblige with any answers.

Sasha plies the rest of the crew with more questions about what their end goal is when they reach Canis Majoris – no one has any answers, and William refuses to provide one. Realizing Sasha is tense, Bernie offers to help him relax with some alien vaping concoction he’s created. It becomes obvious that Sasha wants to turn William off and take control of the ship and Bernie inadvertently points him to the only person who can help him succeed – Javier.

Sasha again tries to get answers out of Niko, masking his curiosity as concern for his well being if diplomatic discussions go south when he talks to the aliens. But Niko is high-strung – concerned about Cas and still struggling with Michelle’s death. She couldn’t care less about Sasha and what happens to him, because he only got on this ship thanks to his father pulling strings.

Sasha finds Javier and asks him the same question – Javier explains that the Salvare has the option to turn the FTL drive into a planet-destroying laser beam. The only way to stop that from happening is by destroying the Salvare. But William protects the Salvare, so if push comes to shove, the Salvare will survive but threatening aliens will not. Realizing William has to be taken down, Sasha tries to force Javier to tell him how to turn the AI off.

This episode of Another Life ends with Egan attempting to enter the Artifact and being able to see Sasha on the Salvare. Sasha somehow connects with the Artifact on Earth and it sends shockwaves that injure all the people around it – including Erik and Jana.

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