Another Life season 1 Episode 10 Recap "Hello"


Niko and Cas land on Pi Canis Majoris and soon realize the aliens are much more formidable than they thought, in the final of Another Life.

Niko flies a shuttle with Oliver and Cas down to Achaia – the planet they used to refer to as Pi Canis Majoris. In the final Another Life season one episode, they land close to the Artifact. While Niko and Cas reckon the alien city, Oliver stays with the shuttle.

Niko insists on investigating the ruins near the city, despite Cas’ better judgment.

The Alien Planet

The alien speaks its own language and looks threatening, but Niko is not daunted by the creature. She tries to introduce herself and Cas, but when Niko reaches out to the alien, the creature runs away. Suddenly, an AI starts speaking to them, in English.

The AI informs Niko and Cas that they are not on Achaia; this planet is Zakir. Achaia is hundreds of lightyears away. What the humans have been following is the Artifact that the Achaians left on Zakir. This AI on Zakir has been tracking all the signals that Earth has been broadcasting, hence its ability to speak English. The AI warns them against pursuing the Achaians – because those aliens only want one thing, destruction. The AI believes it’s already too late to save Earth.

Cas and Niko leave the cave and come across a sea of bones; the Achaians are a disease and they infect the indigenous population till they’re dead. That’s what happened on Zakir, and now these creatures are on Earth. This is bad news.

Cas and Beauchamp want to head back to Earth and fight the invasion, but Niko won’t leave till she’s saved the last of the Zakir. Through the alien AI, she asks if the Zakir want her help; they do. Beauchamp and William use the particle accelerator to destroy the Artifact on Zakir. Mission successful.

The plan is to return to Earth and destroy the Artifact there, but first Niko intends to destroy the other 300 that have appeared on systems across the galaxy.

On The Salvare

William is having a hard time dealing with what happened between him and Niko, but without confronting her directly with the aftermath, he can’t move past the incident. He tries to talk to a simulation of Niko, but it’s not the same thing.

Sasha is alive but the alien parasite continues to torment him, making him plead with his colleagues to kill him. Of course, they refuse to comply, so Sasha tries a different tactic. He fakes a seizure in the quarantine room and when Zayn rushes in to check on him, Sasha threatens to kill them unless Bernie kills Sasha first. With no other option, Bernie shoots Sasha.

With Sasha dead, Zayn, William and Beauchamp can examine the parasite in his head. They decide to use it to revive Javier. William grabs the parasite, which briefly connects with his. It’s a tussle to get it into Javier, but it works and Javier is back up and running. Just in time for Oliver to arrive from the planet and for August to drop a bomb on them – she’s pregnant and one of them is the father. William was wrong about the effects of the radiation, and now August is unsure what to do.

Achaians Fight

On Earth, Harper – who is also possessed by an alien – attacks the medical staff who attempt to examine her. Realising she’s his only hope for saving Jana from imminent organ failure, Erik decides to help Harper. She tells him to take Jana to the Artifact; the Achaia will save Jana because they consider Erik to be a friend.

Erik takes Jana to the Artifact and waits for the door to open. As he enters it, Harper Glass announces to the world that the Achaians have come to Earth as friends. We’ve heard that before!

Niko and Cas return to the Salvare. Elsewhere on the ship, the Sasha parasite gives William new abilities. William reactivates his Niko simulation and re-programs her to feel – in other words, this program now reacts the same way a human does. This Niko consoles William the way the real one would, and it seems to make him feel better.

Unfortunately, when William tries to delete the Niko program it changes into something else. Seems like the program has a mind of its own, and on top of that, there are five alien ships headed straight for the Salvare.

Niko realises too late that the five Achaian ships are headed for Zakir – she watches as the ships destroy the entire planet. Her plan to save Earth and all the other planets infected by the Achaians will only lead to more destruction. Looks like there’s no hope left as Another Life ends on this cliffhanger.

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